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When it comes to Custody or Divorce, confusion can be COSTLY. What you DON'T know can HURT you! Start your case with the CONFIDENCE of having a PLAN. BE PREPARED! KNOW YOUR OPTIONS! TAKE CONTROL! Get your PERSONALIZED custody & divorce SOLUTION! START HERE! GET YOUR FREE DIVORCE DIAGNOSTIC TODAY!

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What is a Divorce Diagnostic?

What is a Divorce Diagnostic?

What is a Divorce Diagnostic?

Divorce Diagnostics is a no obligation and no pressure legal consultation that assesses your case.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP. We will address your emotional, financial and legal situation and educate you on what you can expect during your case and what options are available for you.  You will leave with the sense of control and comfort that comes from knowing what steps you can take next and an idea of what it will cost.

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Why a Divorce Diagnostic?

What is a Divorce Diagnostic?

What is a Divorce Diagnostic?

Most of our clients have 4 big questions:

1.  What are my options?

2. What is this going to cost me?

3.  Is there someone I can trust to answer these questions honestly?

4.  Am I under any obligation to hire you as my Attorney?

 We answer your questions with no obligations to hire us.  We don't take cases.  This gives us the ability to offer you an honest assessment of your case, your options, and  your potential costs.  Our only concern is helping you and giving you peace of mind by giving you an idea of what to expect.

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About Us

What is a Divorce Diagnostic?

About Us

Divorce Diagnostics was founded by J. Jones, Esq.  After graduating from GW Law, over the course of his 20 year legal career, as a divorce lawyer, mediator, divorce consult attorney, and custody consult attorney, J. has conducted thousands of consultations during which he has assessed and diagnosed the needs of his clients' divorce and family law cases.  J. has also been through the family law process as a client in gaining custody of his son in his blended family.  After working for several law firms, it was clear that there was a need for an attorney who could tell clients what they needed to know about their cases without clients feeling like they were being sold or pressured.  Divorce Diagnostics Colorado meets that need.

When J is not helping people understand their legal situation, he enjoys spending time with his family, making scones, weightlifting, and singing at local venues.

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