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Not Your Ordinary Lawyer


My Family

I'm a Dad. We're a blended family. When I married my wife, I acquired my son in the merger and we put another little Jones into production a few years later. We've been through a custody battle with an absentee bio parent, even dealt with a separation ourselves. That may be a bit personal but I want you to know that we, as a family, (Steph and I work together on this), have been clients and been through hard times. It's not just  to us. We want to help and really love what we do. 


Beyond the Law

Aside from being a GW law grad with 20 years of experience who has consulted and helped 1000s of people with their divorce & custody isssues, I  occasionally appear on TV and do a voiceover every once in a while. I've been known to sing around town. (ClockTower anyone?) and I also make a pretty mean scone. Even Julia Child liked 'em. (Yup)


How can I Help?

SO...yes. I'm a bit of a unicorn. A lawyer that sings and love scones. (That doesn't even touch on my Rock Island days). I do my best to be a solid human, in addition, o being a lawyer that people can trust. It would be my pleasure to meet you and help you.